QUANCIOUS | Cap with Detachable FACE Protection Shield Color RED

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  • Posted on 07/31/20 06:16 AM By Sudheer
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OVERALL PROTECTION : Prevents infected projectiles ( released into the air by people coughing and sneezing ) from reaching your face

FULL COVERAGE : Regular face masks only protect your mouth and nose, leaving the face vulnerable to contaminated droplets from coughing and sneezing while in public. This face shield prevents infected droplets from reaching your face hence giving an extra layer of protection.

DETATACHABLE FACE SHIELD : While indoors, the face shield can be removed to convert this into a normal baseball cap. Just pop on the shield while going in public and pair it with a mask for the best possible protection

WASHABLE : Once you are back indoors, the face shield can be removed and washed under running tap water to remove any contaminated particles. PLEASE TAKE CARE while handling the shield. Use gloves or santize your hands before and after.

LOOKS STYLISH : Stand out with this baseball cap with detachable face shield. Why compromise on style while going out

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